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Why Country Living is Simply Better

By September 2, 2018Uncategorized

If you were to ask someone who lives in the city where the best place to live was, they would probably say the city.  But at the same time, if you were to ask someone who lived in the country where the best place to live is, they would probably say that it’s in the country.  So which one is really the better place to live, the city or the country?

While there has always been an ongoing discussion about this, at the end of the day, you need to look at the entire picture of the different ways of living.  And when you think about it, country living has many more upsides than the city.

Top Reasons Country Living is Better

While an argument can be made for both the city and the country being better than the other, there are actually many things that the country offers that the city simply can’t compete with.  Here are the top reasons why country living is simply better than anywhere else.

  • Living in the Country Helps You Appreciate the Simple Things in Life

When you live in the country, it is much easier to enjoy the simpler things in life.  For example, sitting on the porch at sunset with that perfectly made glass of sweet tea, running through the fields with your children chasing fireflies during the summer months, or even just having a long overdue conversations with a great family member, friend or even a neighbor.  When you live in the country, it gives you a chance to appreciate the more simple things in your life. 

  • The Roads Are Simply Prettier in the Country

While some will say that beauty can be found anywhere, it is much easier to find it in the country.  This is especially true when it comes to driving on the roads in the country.  They are typically much prettier than anything you will ever find in a city or suburb.  Just imagine driving home and seeing some seriously breathtaking sights that you can’t even imagine.  Now ask yourself, is it really going to get any better than this?

  • If You Want A Strong Community, the Country is Where You Need to be

When you live in the country, chances are that everybody knows everybody.  It’s the complete opposite of the city where you see 100’s to even 1,000’s of people everyday that you will never see again.  In the country, everybody makes an effort to know everybody else.  This means that you will always have a friend close by that will take care of you and be there when you need them.

  • Get Back in Touch with Nature

Living in the country gives you so much more opportunity to experience and enjoy nature.  You will see native animals running about every day, be able to go fishing, have bonfires, go four-wheeling, and even hunting on a daily basis.  The country literally offers an endless amount of different activities and adventures that you can do every single day. 

  • You Will be Much More Resourceful

When you live in the country, chances are that your family is going to be more likely to pass down different antiques that are several generations old, as well as know exactly how to reuse or re-purpose something.  Most of the those who live in the country have been ‘going green’, way longer than it was the cool thing to do.

  • Learn How to Appreciate Silence

The best thing about living in the country is that it is not the city.  That means that there will be no honking horns, cars and trucks with loud exhausts, or couples fighting on the front yard.  Living in the country will help you appreciate the way life is supposed to be, with the sounds of nature relaxing on your front porch.

  • Appreciate Slowing Down

Sometimes, taking a break from life is a good thing.  It can help to calm you down, recharge your batteries, and simply make you feel better.  Being able to slow down is a simply byproduct of living in the country.  You will discover how to appreciate the simple things in life that make you happy, which in turn, is one of the best ways that you can help take care of you.

  • The Food is Much, Much Fresher

Living in the country gives you one big advantage over living anyplace else…you will be surrounded by farms.  What this means is that there is essentially an unlimited supply of fresh milk, eggs, meat, fruit, and vegetables right around the corner.  This is the perfect recipe for the best homemade goodies that your family will simply love.

While the debate between city living and country living has been going on since the beginning of time, when you really think about the pros and cons of both, there is not beating country living.  You will be able to have closer relationships, less stress and anxiety, fresher food, and even be able to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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