1 acre in Paradise Subdivision

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$500 Down & $250 A Month
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Payment Note(s)

If you are interested in financing or purchasing this parcel, please got to the CONTACT tab to reach out to us directly. You will be redirected to our payment page to make the initial reservation payment.

Cash payments will be transacted via cashier’s check or wire. Buyer can also choose to go through a title company at buyer’s expense.


This property is 1 acre parcel Golden Valley, AZ Subdivision of Paradise Acres. This parcel has great access, being a corner lot. This parcel is on flat terrain and has great opportunities to for building, recreation, etc.. There are several options for this parcel. Kingman is the closest town and there is fun activities there. This is a quiet, off grid and remote property. There are other homes in the area but you will still have tons privacy for years to come. If you dream of escaping the city life and recharging the batteries then this a the kind of property for you. We do our best to make buying this property easy. You may purchase online with a credit card, wire transfer or title if you prefer (buyer will assume ALL charges associated with title). If you are interested in purchasing multiple lots, please contact us. 

Property Information

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3979 West Dawson Drive Mohave AZ 86413







Dirt Road





Purchase Information/Fees

Reservation & Document Fee

The reservation fee of $199 to reserve the property is required to begin the purchase process. This is a non-refundable fee and will go towards down payment.

Recording Fees & Taxes

Buyer is responsible for all property taxes. Buyer will also be responsible for all taxes and fees associated with recording the deed with the County Recorder at closing.

Optional: Closing with a Title Company

Buyer may choose to close with a title company at their own cost. Title company will handle full process from closing through recording.

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Please be sure to do your due diligence before reserving the property. Ensure that the Property is in a condition suitable for Buyer’s purposes and to verify with the appropriate third party, such as the county, city, utility provider, etc.

Want to make a different down payment or looking for a different payment schedule? Let’s chat!

This property is located in Mohave County Arizona. If you don’t find the answers to what you are looking for on this site, please call them at (928) 753-9141 for any additional questions you may have.

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