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How Big is an Acre of Land?

By November 2, 2018Uncategorized

Whenever you see any kind of land for sale, you also see that it is ‘x’ amount of acres for sale.  So what exactly is an acre of land?  For starters, an acre is considered to be an area that is used to measure out a parcel of land.  Which, on a side note, back in the Middle Ages, one acre of land was considered to be however much land you were able to plough within one day, by one person and one ox.  While it isn’t very specific, especially if you had an ox that was a little lethargic that day, things have since been better defined.

Alright, so you are ready to finally take the plunge and purchase some land that has some acres attached to it.  Chances are you’re wondering exactly how big that parcel of land really is.  So let’s get right down to it with the facts about how big an acre of land really is.

One Acre Is As Large As: 

  • 4,046.86 meters squared
  • 4,840 yards squared
  • 43,560 feet squared
  • 1/640th of one square mile

With the special measurements being said, you must keep in mind that there is no exact shape when it comes to an acre of land.  That means that your acre of land can be in the shape of a circle, rectangle, triangle, octagon, or even a hexagon.  All you need to know is that your acre of land has to equal the exact number of 43,560 feet squared.

On another side note, the absolute most common shape for one acre of land just happens to be 660 ft. by 66 ft.

While it can be hard to actually visualize how big a 660 ft. by 66 ft. patch of land really is, try thinking about 60% of a soccer field, 75% of a football field, or 16 regular tennis courts that are stacked up 4 wide and 4 tall.  If you still can’t visualize how big it is, try to visualize 150 cars that are all parked next to each other in the shape of a square.

So now that you are able to visualize how large an acre of land really is, is that a big piece of property?

What is an Acre?

So to put this 1 acre of land into perspective, the best thing that we can do is to compare it to things you are already aware of.  So let’s compare 1 acre of land to a bunch of other stuff to help put it into perspective even more.

  • New York City is roughly 300,000 acres.
  • London is about 388,000 acres
  • Buckingham Palace gardens are 40 acres and even have a helicopter pad
  • The Rainforest in the Amazon is close to 1,359,079,598 acres
  • The surface of the moon is 9,383,748,198 acres
  • One acre of wheat is able to produce about 3,000 loaves (when done correctly) of bread

So you know exactly how big an acre of land really is.  You are now equipped to have a rough estimate of how large the area of land you are looking to purchase really is!

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