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How Big is an Acre of Land?

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Whenever you see any kind of land for sale, you also see that it is ‘x’ amount of acres for sale.  So what exactly is an acre of land?  For starters, an acre is considered to be an area that is used to measure out a parcel of land.  Which, on a side note, back in the Middle Ages, one acre of land was considered to be however much land you were able to plough within one day, by one person and one ox.  While it isn’t very specific, especially if you had an ox that was a little lethargic that day, things have since been better defined.

Alright, so you are ready to finally take the plunge and purchase some land that has some acres attached to it.  Chances are you’re wondering exactly how big that parcel of land really is.  So let’s get right down to it with the facts about how big an acre of land really is.

One Acre Is As Large As: 

  • 4,046.86 meters squared
  • 4,840 yards squared
  • 43,560 feet squared
  • 1/640th of one square mile

With the special measurements being said, you must keep in mind that there is no exact shape when it comes to an acre of land.  That means that your acre of land can be in the shape of a circle, rectangle, triangle, octagon, or even a hexagon.  All you need to know is that your acre of land has to equal the exact number of 43,560 feet squared.

On another side note, the absolute most common shape for one acre of land just happens to be 660 ft. by 66 ft.

While it can be hard to actually visualize how big a 660 ft. by 66 ft. patch of land really is, try thinking about 60% of a soccer field, 75% of a football field, or 16 regular tennis courts that are stacked up 4 wide and 4 tall.  If you still can’t visualize how big it is, try to visualize 150 cars that are all parked next to each other in the shape of a square.

So now that you are able to visualize how large an acre of land really is, is that a big piece of property?

What is an Acre?

So to put this 1 acre of land into perspective, the best thing that we can do is to compare it to things you are already aware of.  So let’s compare 1 acre of land to a bunch of other stuff to help put it into perspective even more.

  • New York City is roughly 300,000 acres.
  • London is about 388,000 acres
  • Buckingham Palace gardens are 40 acres and even have a helicopter pad
  • The Rainforest in the Amazon is close to 1,359,079,598 acres
  • The surface of the moon is 9,383,748,198 acres
  • One acre of wheat is able to produce about 3,000 loaves (when done correctly) of bread

So you know exactly how big an acre of land really is.  You are now equipped to have a rough estimate of how large the area of land you are looking to purchase really is!

Ways to Make Money with Vacant Land

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If you own vacant land, it doesn’t have to be just that.  In fact, you can even use your vacant land to start making some nice money.  So yes, you can turn your vacant land into a nice income-producing piece of property.  You have to realize that land is very valuable, even without have anything built on it.

Here are some of the best business ideas that you can do in terms of turning your vacant land into an income producing property.

Earning Money from Your Vacant Land

There are actually several different ways that your vacant land is able to help you earn some extra money.  While these ideas may not work with every type of land out there, it will give you some ideas of how to start making money off of the land that you own.  Here are some of the most popular ways that you can start earning extra income off of your vacant land.

  • Sell your land

One of the simplest and easiest ways to make a nice passive income off of your and is to hold onto it for a little bit and then sell it for more in the future.  Depending upon what type of land it is, your return on investment has the potential to be huge.  However, to really make this work, you must understand exactly how the land in your particular area is going to appreciate.  In fact, if you are so motivated, you can even clear your land, level your land, and then prep your land for buildings.  If you are in the right area, this has the potential to increase the value of your land exponentially.

  • Start Storing Boats

While you are not restricted to just boats, one of the easiest ways to make money off your land is to simply let other people pay you to store their stuff there.  Boats for example, are a great idea for you to store on your land, as the owners are going to need to keep them somewhere all winter long.  The best part about it is that as soon as the weather starts to get nice, they will take their boats for the season and you can use that space to store other stuff.  On top of that, if you were to go to an actual storage facility, storing a boat can be up to $150 per month or more.  Not bad for letting somebody use a small piece of your land.

  • Forest your Timber

If your lot of land has a lot of trees on it, you can always harvest that wood for timber.  If it doesn’t have any trees on it, you can always plant some, hold the land until the trees grow, and then harvest the wood for timber.  Or maybe you decide to start your own firewood selling business in the wintertime.  If you do decide to go this route, depending upon what type of tree you are trying to timber will dictate how long the tree takes to grow.

  • Store RV’s

Most of those who own RVs have no place to store their ‘toy’ when they are not using it.  The RV is more than likely not fitting on their property and the local storage facility is more than likely already full of them.  This means that you can easily make some extra money by allowing people to store their RV on your vacant land.  This does mean that those people will need access to your land, bit that won’t be hard at all.  Depending on your location and the size of their RV, you can easily make between $50 to $450 per month.  While indoor RV storage is usually in much higher demand, if you were to allow 10 RVs to be stored on your vacant land at an average of $50 per month, you would have an easy $500 in passive, extra income.

While there are a ton of other ways that you can easily make extra money with your vacant land, these are some of the simpler ideas that you can get started on ASAP.  Just remember to always check with your local area about any permits or anything like that you may need so you don’t end up getting fined later down the road.

Why Country Living is Simply Better

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If you were to ask someone who lives in the city where the best place to live was, they would probably say the city.  But at the same time, if you were to ask someone who lived in the country where the best place to live is, they would probably say that it’s in the country.  So which one is really the better place to live, the city or the country?

While there has always been an ongoing discussion about this, at the end of the day, you need to look at the entire picture of the different ways of living.  And when you think about it, country living has many more upsides than the city.

Top Reasons Country Living is Better

While an argument can be made for both the city and the country being better than the other, there are actually many things that the country offers that the city simply can’t compete with.  Here are the top reasons why country living is simply better than anywhere else.

  • Living in the Country Helps You Appreciate the Simple Things in Life

When you live in the country, it is much easier to enjoy the simpler things in life.  For example, sitting on the porch at sunset with that perfectly made glass of sweet tea, running through the fields with your children chasing fireflies during the summer months, or even just having a long overdue conversations with a great family member, friend or even a neighbor.  When you live in the country, it gives you a chance to appreciate the more simple things in your life. 

  • The Roads Are Simply Prettier in the Country

While some will say that beauty can be found anywhere, it is much easier to find it in the country.  This is especially true when it comes to driving on the roads in the country.  They are typically much prettier than anything you will ever find in a city or suburb.  Just imagine driving home and seeing some seriously breathtaking sights that you can’t even imagine.  Now ask yourself, is it really going to get any better than this?

  • If You Want A Strong Community, the Country is Where You Need to be

When you live in the country, chances are that everybody knows everybody.  It’s the complete opposite of the city where you see 100’s to even 1,000’s of people everyday that you will never see again.  In the country, everybody makes an effort to know everybody else.  This means that you will always have a friend close by that will take care of you and be there when you need them.

  • Get Back in Touch with Nature

Living in the country gives you so much more opportunity to experience and enjoy nature.  You will see native animals running about every day, be able to go fishing, have bonfires, go four-wheeling, and even hunting on a daily basis.  The country literally offers an endless amount of different activities and adventures that you can do every single day. 

  • You Will be Much More Resourceful

When you live in the country, chances are that your family is going to be more likely to pass down different antiques that are several generations old, as well as know exactly how to reuse or re-purpose something.  Most of the those who live in the country have been ‘going green’, way longer than it was the cool thing to do.

  • Learn How to Appreciate Silence

The best thing about living in the country is that it is not the city.  That means that there will be no honking horns, cars and trucks with loud exhausts, or couples fighting on the front yard.  Living in the country will help you appreciate the way life is supposed to be, with the sounds of nature relaxing on your front porch.

  • Appreciate Slowing Down

Sometimes, taking a break from life is a good thing.  It can help to calm you down, recharge your batteries, and simply make you feel better.  Being able to slow down is a simply byproduct of living in the country.  You will discover how to appreciate the simple things in life that make you happy, which in turn, is one of the best ways that you can help take care of you.

  • The Food is Much, Much Fresher

Living in the country gives you one big advantage over living anyplace else…you will be surrounded by farms.  What this means is that there is essentially an unlimited supply of fresh milk, eggs, meat, fruit, and vegetables right around the corner.  This is the perfect recipe for the best homemade goodies that your family will simply love.

While the debate between city living and country living has been going on since the beginning of time, when you really think about the pros and cons of both, there is not beating country living.  You will be able to have closer relationships, less stress and anxiety, fresher food, and even be able to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Top Benefits Of Living Off the Grid You Never Thought Of

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When you think about living off the grid, chances are that it’s because you have the urge to limit your interaction and cut down on some of the hustle and the bustle that comes with today’s modern living. It might be that you are looking to cut back from the array of overwhelming activities, tasks, burdens and appointments that we have all come to call life. For you to want to simplify your life by going off the grid, you are essentially searching for a more basic life that will have you feeling more fulfilled than your current ‘norm’.

While living off the grid is definitely a great way to simplify your life and help you figure out what it is that’s really important to you, there are also other advantages that come along with living off the grid as well. While like most things, some of these advantages are going to jump out at you right away, there are also some advantages that you won’t even realize are there until a little later down the road. Here are the top benefits of living off the grid that you never thought of.

Top Benefits of Living Off the Grid

While like most things, some of these advantages are going to jump out at you right away, there are also some advantages that you won’t even realize are there until a little later down the road. Here are the top benefits of living off the grid that you never thought of.

You’ll Have More Time
It’s weird, but when you think about it, whenever you are having fun, time seems to go by much quicker than normal. Then again, when you are bored, time seems to drag on forever. In this day and age, 9 out of every 10 people will more than likely tell you that there aren’t enough hours in a day. Think about it for a second. You spend time sitting in traffic, waiting for your dentist or doctor’s appointment, spending time watching the new episode of your favorite show every night, and even trying to keep up with all of the latest Facebook posts from your friends and

Once you decide to live off the grid, all of these mind-numbing wastes of time that you have grown accustomed to accepting will no longer be there. This means that you will have that much more time to do things that you actually enjoy. It can be as simple as reading a book, gardening, daydreaming, or even cooking. You will eventually realize that you have more energy and time to do the things that you want to do.

Your Relationships Will be Better
When you have more free time, you more than likely want to spend with the people you love most. When was the last time that you heard a person on their death bed say that they are upset they didn’t spend even more time working at the office? This just goes to show that people wish they were able to spend more time with the people they care about most, their family. When you are able to get rid of all the ‘extras’, by moving off the grid, you have that much more time to connect on a deeper level with your spouse, children, friends and anybody else who you hold dear to you. You may even be able to rediscover your love for Monopoly or other games that require more than one person to play.

Less Anxiety and Stress
There is no hiding the secret that modern day life can be extremely stressful. In fact, about 80% of all primary-care physicians are related to stress and anxiety. Studies have also shown that stress and anxiety are directly related to a higher rate of cardiac arrest.

When you start to live off the grid, all of the stress of modern day society is instantly taken out of the picture. By taking all of the extra causes of stress from your life, you will be taking away the main sources of all your worries.

More Financial Freedom
It may seem like you need to work harder in the beginning to get to a point where you can live with less, but that is simply not true. By simply living, it will cost you much less. By living off the grid, you will have cut out more costs than you know. Think about it for a second. There is going to be no power company coming after you for heating, A/C or leaving the lights on; no transportation costs; your wardrobe doesn’t have to be from a fancy clothing store any longer; and you will be saving a bunch of money on food. On top of that, the things that you used to spend money on to maintain will no longer be there either. No more car payment, yard maintenance, and you’ll be saving a bunch of money on your car insurance too.

When you live off the grid, you are essentially living a simpler lifestyle that will give you a new perspective on the things that you believe are really important to you. You will start to notice and even appreciate those details of your life that mean the most to you.

Why You Should be Investing in Land Right Now

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While most people would agree that ‘they are not making anymore land’, there are even more people who think that investing in vacant land is a terrible idea that is simply a complete waste of money.  The arguments to support this are very strong as well:

  1. Vacant land doesn’t produce income
  2. The land will just sit and nothing will happen on it
  3. It just seems to be a flat out boring investment

While you may agree with this, you would also be greatly mistaken.  Fact of the matter is, vacant land is one of the best investments that you can make and has the potential to produce some major money for you due to its versatility and ‘hands-off’ nature.  Below is a list of some of the reasons why you need to be investing in land as soon as you can.


Top Reasons You Should be Investing in Land

  • You Don’t Have to do Anything

When you own land, you literally don’t have to do anything to the property.  This means that you can forget about any type of renovations or construction.  On top of that, there is no knowledge required on the steps to rehabbing your land.  In fact, the only thing that you do need to ask yourself is whether or not the land is suitable for having a building.  If you have land that somebody else is able to build on eventually, you are already winning the war.

  • It’s Literally the Best ‘Hands-Off’ Type of Investment

When you think about it, it makes sense.  You don’t have to deal with any types of tenants, mold, yard care, broken furnaces, leaking roofs, bugs, toilets, or any of the many issues that pop up every single day when you own buildings.  Vacant land actually doesn’t involve anything like that.  How it works is you buy, it sits and behaves, and absolutely nothing happens.

  • Vacant Lands Owners are Normally Very Motivated to Sell

This all comes down to the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality.  Most vacant landowners are considered to be absentee owners.  They normally live nowhere near the land is, and definitely don’t live on it.  This is all good news for you as it means there is not type of emotional connection with it.  In fact, normally you will discover that you can get the land for a much more affordable price because it doesn’t earn an income for them (they don’t know what they are doing by owning it), and they live nowhere near it.  This is just great news for you because it means that you are able to potentially get that much better of a deal. 

  • There is Almost NO Competition

If you were to try to buy a house to flip at auction, chances are that the competition would be very stiff and drive up the price of the home.  This would then mean that the amount of profit you would make would be less.  Anybody who invests would be able to tell you that this is bad.  This is another reason that investing in land is such a great idea.

While most people have their minds made up on investing into apartments, homes and what not, you will be able to get that much better of a deal on some prime vacant land.  This is something that can seriously play to your benefit.

  • When You Own Land, You Call the Shots

When it is done correctly, investing in land can be done with completely avoiding any types of bank or mortgage company.  This means that you will own the land outright and not be liable to anyone other than yourself.  In other words, you will be calling all of the shots.

  • They Stopped Making Anymore of it

Land is one of those rare things that nobody is making any more of.  This means that it is one of the most valuable resources available, and that it has a limited quantity available.  While any other investment you make is going to make sense to you, land should too.  When you have the mindset of holding onto a property for long-term, it is definitely one of the best investments that you can make.

While there are many different investment opportunities available for you to make today, one of the most little known is going to be vacant land.  While there is always a risk in any type of investing, investing in land is by far the safest.  Just remember to do your due diligence and be sure to speak with a reputable land broker to answer any questions you may have and you will surely be setting yourself up for future success.